Help shape the future of strata in NSW

Do you live, own or rent an apartment, townhouse or villa in NSW? More than one million people either live or work in strata schemes across NSW. And as community living continues to increase in popularity, that number will continue to grow as our population grows. Migrants, retirees, singles, couples, families, professionals, investors… our commonality … Continue reading "Help shape the future of strata in NSW"

Boot camp for your finances

It doesn’t matter how tall you are or what size you wear. Healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s the same with your finances. You can be financially healthy regardless how much you earn. The key is to spend less than you earn. And just like the first session with your personal trainer, … Continue reading "Boot camp for your finances"

When sharing is caring for others

By definition, sharing means to use, occupy, or enjoy something jointly with another or others. In a broader sense, sharing could also be interpreted as giving our resources to those in need for the common benefit of everyone’s well-being. Living in a strata community, this rings true when we consider the common property we share … Continue reading "When sharing is caring for others"

Preparing pets for returning to the workplace

Animal adoptions across the country peaked during the COVID-19 lockdown period, bringing much joy and great company to first-time fur parents and those of us who rarely live without our fur kids. With more time being spent at home, it was the ideal period to bond and train pets. But as restrictions have eased, we … Continue reading "Preparing pets for returning to the workplace"

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