Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars

Australia’s top economists overwhelmingly back government measures to speed the transition to electric cars in order to meet emission reduction targets. An exclusive poll of 62 of Australia’s preeminent economists — selected by their peers — finds 51 back measures to boost the take-up of electric cars including subsidising public charging stations, subsidising the purchase … Continue reading "Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars"

Congratulations to our team in the Australasian industry awards

Smarter Communities is extremely proud to announce its three state award winners in three separate categories are finalists in the 2020-2021 Strata Community Australasian Awards. Medium Strata Business – Adelaide Strata & Community Management (ASCM) Strata Community Manager – Rikki Slaughter, Ernst Body Corporate Management Support Team Member – Jevon Taane, Ernst Body Corporate Management … Continue reading "Congratulations to our team in the Australasian industry awards"

I’ve always wondered: can I flush cat poo down the toilet?

Why can’t I flush cat poo down the toilet? Diane, Sydney When I was a teenager I owned a large dog, a German Shepherd. It was my responsibility to pick up his poo and put it in the bin. I would never have thought to flush it down the toilet. So, after a quick internet … Continue reading "I’ve always wondered: can I flush cat poo down the toilet?"

Yes, dogs can sniff out COVID

The idea of cute puppy dogs playing a role in leading us out of this pandemic is about as tantalising a story anyone could conjure up right now. It’s the type of good-news story you see at the end of the evening news bulletin involving cute animals making us healthier or happier. This time it … Continue reading "Yes, dogs can sniff out COVID"

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