Are you one of the many Australians who never learned to swim?

As a kid growing up in one of the hottest parts of Australia, I was always in the water – pond, pool or creek. It was the only way to get cool. I was lucky enough to pick up swimming as I went along – but plenty don’t. As a coach and teacher of swimming … Continue reading "Are you one of the many Australians who never learned to swim?"

4 plant-based foods to eat every week

As a laureate professor in nutrition and dietetics people often ask – what do you eat? Plant-based foods are good sources of healthy nutrients. These include different types of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and a range of “phytonutrients”, which plants produce to help them grow or protect them from pathogens and pests. A review of … Continue reading "4 plant-based foods to eat every week"

Give bad debt the boot

It doesn’t matter how tall you are or what size you wear. Healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s the same with your finances. You can be financially healthy regardless how much you earn. The key is to spend less than you earn. And just like the first session with your personal trainer, … Continue reading "Give bad debt the boot"

Don’t fret about buying the ‘right’ toy

It’s that time of the year again, and besides the new COVID-era concerns about retail supply chains comes the age-old question: what’s the best educational toy to buy for the child (or grandchild) in your life? There’s a vast range of toys that claim to stimulate learning, or foster creativity, or boost kids’ STEM skills. … Continue reading "Don’t fret about buying the ‘right’ toy"

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