Utilising neglected space

It took a global pandemic to make Australia’s most populous cities look differently at how they could utilise unused spaces. Car parking spaces was just one area. Innovative business leaders began concepting new ways of breathing fresh life into neglected spaces. Leaders across different industries united to create new and exciting opportunities for staff and … Continue reading "Utilising neglected space"

Build-to-rent surge will change apartment living for Australians, but for better or worse?

Australia’s emerging build-to-rent sector is growing — “booming” by some accounts with a 70% jump in value in the past year. Under this model, institutional investors develop purpose-built rental apartments to retain and operate under single ownership. In Australia, it will change how apartments are designed and developed, how we are housed and how our tenancies … Continue reading "Build-to-rent surge will change apartment living for Australians, but for better or worse?"

STM and Hudson Apartments win Smart Green Awards

For those who live within the City of Sydney’s local government area you would know that council is highly supportive and encouraging of owners corporations to do their bit for the environment and local resources. From sustainability grants to environmental support and funding, the City of Sydney takes its initiatives quite seriously and encourages residents … Continue reading "STM and Hudson Apartments win Smart Green Awards"

Applications open for interest-free loan scheme

The NSW Government will pay for the interest on loans on behalf of apartment owners for the removal of high-risk cladding across NSW residential apartment buildings. This is a welcomed move for the 225 buildings identified by the state government’s Cladding Taskforce as containing high-risk cladding. For those who own and live in these apartment … Continue reading "Applications open for interest-free loan scheme"

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